Greetings readers!  Are you in the mood for something sweet?  Well, what perfect timing!  In today’s list we will look at some of the best desserts available in Venice!

BARLO– Liquid nitrogen ice cream is the deal at Barlo. It is super fun process to watch and it is delicious as well.  They make it table side, so it is as fresh and tasty as can be.  And, you can have vanilla, cherry or chocolate.  Everyone should try this at least once.  It will change the way you see ice cream!

James’ Beach The Pittsburg Pecan ball sundae is one of the best desserts ever. Hazelnut, gelato, caramel and hot fudge all freshly made make this one delicacy you will not forget.  Go get one!

Hama Sushi– Hama has in on lock with Tempura cheesecake!  What is not great about fried cheese cake served with chocolate ice cream, caramel Kahlúa sauce, and fresh berries.  Ooh Yeah!

Tony P’s Dockside Grill– how about a desert Martini!  That’s right alcohol and sweet stuff, and they have several different takes on it.  My favorite is Stoli Vanilla, hot fudge, Kahlua and raspberry liquor.  Outstanding!

Well there are more desserts out there, but these four are among the best of the best.  So, in an effort to simplify the decision making process for you, I will stop here. Enjoy!