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697 Vernon Ave
Venice, Ca 90291
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Roll-Model-Skateboarding-Classes-and-Instruction-in-Los-Angeles-104086536345449/
Phone: 310.663.0365

Screen shot 2013-07-13 at 12.09.25 PMRoll Model Skateboarding Lessons and Instruction with Eric “Tuma” Britton, Bennet Harada & Lizzie Armanto.

Eric “Tuma” Britton:  Featured in the movie “Lords of Dogtown” in the role of Marty Grimes, Tuma is a professional skateboarder who grew up in the infamous Dogtown of Los Angeles.  A father himself, Tuma founded Roll Model Skate as a positive and supportive environment to help teach the youth (and the young-at-heart) to become better skateboarders.

Bennet Harada:  Bennet Harada has been skating for 28 years, and spinning records as a DJ for 15.  A member of the Santa MOnica Airlines Skateboarding team has been skating for 22 years.  Primarily skating pools, and kind of transition, and going really really fast.  His favorite tricks are grinding, and teaching others how to skate with style and flow.

Liszzie Armanto:  Lizzie competes professionally in women’s skateboarding and is currently ranked #1 for the second year.  The newest addition to our team: she is 19 years young and from Santa Monica, California.

For skateboarding lessons and instructions,  contact:  Eric “Tuma” Britton Founder/Pro Skateboarder at    (310) 728-9067 or tuma@Rollmodelskateboarding.com .

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For skateboarding lessons and instructions,  contact:  Eric “Tuma” Britton Founder/Pro Skateboarder at   (310) 728-9067 or tuma@Rollmodelskateboarding.com .

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Roll-Model-Skateboarding-Classes-and-Instruction-in-Los-Angeles-104086536345449/


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