The ocean  is the thing that makes Venice Beach  the most special place on earth. Sure we have great culture and people, but it is the magnificent Pacific that makes it all happen. This three-mile beach is manicured daily and the lifeguards are on duty, so grab a towel and head down to the sand.  Surf, swim, body board and splash around in the Pacific Ocean. Go for a deep sand run or power walk in ankle deep water. Sunbathe & relax. Keep an eye out for dolphins. Volleyball courts also available.  You can rent surf, body and skim boards at several spots if you do not have your own. Or, grab a Frisbee or a ball for some catch.  Marvel at the planet’s largest ocean or meditate into your own universe, either way the beach has the perfect spot for everyone.

  • Admission is free!
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  • Hungry?  Check out this list of Venice bars and restaurants.


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Venice Beach Attractions:

  • The Venice Pier: (Following info from Coastal Conservancy) The 1,300-foot Venice Pier, built in 1963, was falling to pieces by the 1980s. It was closed and scheduled for demolition in 1986. Venice residents rallied to the cause, and after years of perseverance the pier was restored and reopened in 1997. The restored pier is fully accessible, with special cutouts for fishing from wheelchairs. Location: End of Washington Blvd. South of the Venice Breakwater
  • The Venice Breakwater: (Following insert from The Venice Breakwater is an acclaimed local surf spot in Venice, located north of the Venice Pier and Lifeguard Headquarters, and south of the Santa Monica Pier. This spot is sheltered on the north by an artificial barrier, the breakwater, consisting of an extending sand bar, piping, and large rocks at its end. This spot has differing breaks depending on swell intensity, swell direction, tide and time of the day.
  • Venice Breakwater History:  Built by Abbot Kinney in 1905 to protect his amusement park pier, this is one of the few bits and pieces remaining of his dream community, Venice of America. The only place on the beach to see waves break on both sides. Also has the finest sand for sand sculpture. In summer only the north break is even halfway ridable, but when the winter storm swells come in, the five to seven foot point-break type waves at the south end are first rate.


  • Free beach wheelchairs provided by the Dep’t of Beaches & Harbor. 
  • Showers and bathrooms located  by and on the beach at the Venice Pier, North Venice Blvd, 17th St., Market St.  Brooks Ave. and Rose Ave.


Beach Tips/Rules of the Beach:



Venice Paparazzi was on the scene at the Venice Penguin Swim on Jan. 1, 2016. View event coverage here!

Check out Beach Safety tips from LACOFD Lifeguard Division.

The Los Angeles County Lifeguards suggest using common sense when visiting the beach. Tragedy in the ocean can happen quickly therefore having knowledge of aquatic safety is crucial when coming to the beach.

  • Always swim near an open lifeguard station and never swim alone.
  • Check with the lifeguard for safe ocean and beach conditions.
  • Never dive into shallow water… Remember… Feet-first every time!
  • Use swim fins and a leash whenever bodyboarding.
  • Keep a safe distance from piers and rocks, and always obey warning signs.
  • Never throw sand and always fill in holes before you leave the beach.
  • Please do not litter…leave the beach cleaner than you found it!
  • Protect yourself from the sun…use sunscreen and wear a hat.
  • Respect other beach patrons and remember your beach manners.
  • The bicycle path is like a road…always look both ways before crossing!
  • If you, or someone in your group gets lost, always find the nearest lifeguard.


View more Beach Safety tips from LACOFD Lifeguard Division.

View Beach Safety tips from County of LA Fire Department

Beach Safety


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