Okay, so you are thirsty and need some direction as to how to find the proper beverages.  Well, friend you are in luck as I am a seasoned veteran of Veniceʼs alcohol depots.

Alcohol on the beach is expensive!  So, either be prepared to spend double what you would for the same product, or go inland to Ralph’s.

That said, here are beach area stores.

Beer and Liquor:

Venice Beach Wines- Pacific and N. Venice. expensive for everything and nothing super unique, but at one block off the water, what do you expect. They have a wide variety of groceries and household necessities as well. 2022 Pacific Ave Venice, CA 90291-4126 – (310) 823-8784. Website

Davey Jones Liquor Locker: Bay and Pacific- Great wine and beer selection, not cheap, but not outright robber either. These guys know there stuff and they have a lot of it. It is actually a real liquor store as opposed to a convenience store that sells alcohol. 63 Navy St. Venice, CA 90291-2486. (310) 399-0200. Website

Nicks Liquor: Speedway and Washington- Pricey and more of a small convenience store. Still, they do have good weekly specials on beer, wine and booze which take some of the sting off of beachside liquor purchases. 11 Washington Boulevard. Venice, California 90291. (310) 821-3778. Website

Trading Post Liquor: Main St. near Westminster, big store, big selection of everything! Specialty wines, hard to find liquors and beers and a bit less expensive than some of their competitors a block a west. 1313 Main St. Venice, CA 90291-3794. (310) 396-6666. website

Luck Stop Liquor: Abbot Kinney and California. This is a big store with practically everything! Vast selection of micro-brews, california wines, groceries and more. Not cheap, but nothing on Abbot Kinney is. Wait a minute, except for $30 first time haircuts at Trim Hair Salon. 1360 Abbot Kinney Venice, CA 90293 310-399-2274


Just Beer and Wine

Beach House: On the boardwalk a little south of Breeze ave. Not the cheapest place to grab a forty bounce, but well worth the convenience. Nothing like taking a few steps off the beach, pouring a cold one into a cup and walking the walk. woo-hooo time for some brew. 1101 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA. Tel: 310-392-4577