Compete or play a fun game of Paddle Tennis!

Paddle tennis is fun! It is easy to learn and sort of like a cross between ping pong and tennis. Play a game of paddle tennis or watch some of the world’s best paddle tennis players in action!

About: Paddle Tennis is a game that looks like a cross between ping-pong and tennis. The court looks like a scaled down tennis court and the rules are the same as tennis as well. The racquets resemble large ping pong paddles.

The Venice Beach Paddle Tennis Tournament is widely regarded as one of the toughest and best Paddle Tennis tournaments in the World to win, because the Venice Beach Paddle Tennis recreational facility is where most of the top professional players live and practice their games year round.

Several tournaments are held at our local courts throughout the year and local resident Scott Freedman has been considered one of the World’s best for over two decades.  Kent Seto, Doug Kolker and Daryl Lemon are also some of the names to know in Paddle Tennis.

2017 TOURNAMENTS.  Start training now!

Spring Doubles                                        April 1-2

Cinco De Mayo Doubles                           May 6-7

Summer Singles                                      June 10-11

LA City Doubles                                      July 15-16

US Open National Singles                        Aug 19-20

Venice Beach Mixed Doubles                   Sept 9-10



Remember, your participation is what keeps these tournaments alive. We look forward to your support. If you have any questions reply directly to me and not to the group.

For more event info, or paddle tennis racket info and rentals, contact Fred Ealey at Venice Recreation and Parks. 1800 Ocean Front Walk. Venice, CA 90291.   310.399.2775

LOCATION:  Paddle Tennis Courts: 1800 Ocean Front Walk. Venice, CA 90291.  |  310.399.2775  |   310.396.6764
PARKING:   South City Parking Lot:  2100 Ocean Front Walk. Venice, Ca 90291.  (End of Venice Blvd. approximately 4 miles from the 405 freeway)  Click here for additional parking!


  • the court is 50 feet long by 20 feet wide.
  • uses a deadened regulation tennis ball.
  • paddles are foam composite or wood.
  • same scoring as tennis.
  • faster play with longer rallies than tennis.
  • underhand serve only, single fault.
  • doubles or singles

NUMBER OF PADDLE TENNIS COURTS: 11 Regulation size courts.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Anyone.  All ages!

ADMISSION FEE:  Free to the public. Open play:  No fee/reservations. First come basis.  NOTE: Tournament and permits take precedence on courts.

RACKET RENTAL: $5 per racket (Valid I.D. required)   Rackets and tennis balls are available at the Recreation and Parks Office.  1800 Ocean Front Walk.  Venice, Ca 90291.  310.399.2775

PADDLE TENNIS WEBSITES: is the  official website for the United States Paddle Tennis Association (USPTA).


FREE PADDLE TENNIS INSTRUCTION!  Free lessons sponsored by Wilson.  Call Sonia Delucci if you want to try out some Wilson’s paddles, and get a quick complimentary paddle tennis lesson.  (310) 592-1108.



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Let us hear what Paddle Tennis Champion Scotty Freedman has to say about the sport of Paddle Tennis.

Scotty Freedman credentials: Scotty Freedman has played Paddle Tennis for 39 years, and has  won the most championships in Paddle Tennis sport’s history.  191 in all, too many to list.

What do I love about paddle tennis: I love the fact that people of all different skill levels and abilities and levels of play can think and understand the game of Paddle Tennis at their respective levels of play exactly like i think and do the game, playing the game  at the games top level like i do is entirely different.

Venice beach paddle tennis courts are an eclectic mix of people from all different backgrounds, be it unemployed and hanging at the beach everyday or the richest of the rich in Los Angeles, they all have “ONE COMMON GOAL” they love the game of paddle tennis.  


For more event info, or paddle tennis racket info and rentals, contact Fred Ealey at Venice Recreation and Parks. 1800 Ocean Front Walk. Venice, CA 90291.   310.399.2775