Want to know about Abbot Kinney and Venice history?    Check out Detour’s audio tour “Venice: Abbot Kinney’s Impossible Dream.”  Discover how Venice was created — and almost destroyed — and meet the spirit of town-founder Abbot Kinney.   Venice Paparazzi’s Edizen Stowell is honored to be the tour guide on Detour’s Venice: Abbot Kinney’s Impossible Dream.  View details below!

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Here are the tours for Los Angeles

  • Venice: Abbot Kinney’s Impossible Dream – Tour guided by Venice Paparazzi’s Edizen Stowell
  • Venice: Life On The Edge  – Tour guided by Venice skate legend Eric Tuma
  • Downtown: Gateway to the City of Angels
  • Santa Monica: Designing a Pedestrian Utopia
  • View all LA Detours!

About Detour’s Venice -Abbot Kinney’s Impossible Dream:  


Discover how Venice was created — and almost destroyed — and meet the spirit of town-founder Abbot Kinney.  When Abbot Kinney bought land on the Southern California coast over 100 years ago, it was nothing but a swampy marsh. But Kinney was a world traveler and had a wild vision — to transform this acreage into his very own “Venice of America.”


Check out the best bars/restaurants in Venice, California and have a toast to our founder Abbot Kinney.   And, why not take a selfie with Abbot Kinney himself and #VeniceBeachFun.  The Abbot Kinney mural by Rip Cronk is located on North Venice Blvd. next door to James beach and the Canal Club, 60 North Venice Blvd. Venice, California.  90291.


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A message from  Venice Paparazzi’s Edizen to Detour, Dan Arden (Executive producer) and Dana Millikin (Producer). Thank you for this amazing opportunity, and inviting me to be part of  this special project.

For more Venice History:


  • By Jeffrey StantonCheck out Abbot Kinney’s page on Wikipedia.
  • Check out Venice of America page on Wikipedia
  • Visit Don Westland’s website  www.westland.net/venicehistory for more on Venice History. His interactive educational site covers the history of Venice Beach, California. It features timelines, historic articles and photographs, interactive maps that when clicked on show historic views, and a list of movies filmed on Venice’s streets, amusement piers and canals.
  • Pick up a copy of  Jeffrey Stanton’s book “Venice, California – Coney Island of the Pacific.”  The book contains over 300 photographs, mostly B/W, but a few in color appeared as postcards or are more recently taken photos by the author. Many are full page-sized archival quality photographs of great historical interest. You can order a copy online here!

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