There are a slew of great murals adorning the roll up doors of the shops and stalls on the Sidewalk Market and shops on the Venice Boardwalk between 17th Ave and Market Street.   However, as most of these vendors open around 11:00 a.m., the art work disappears during the day!  So, grab a coffee at Erwin’s General (open Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00 a.m.), or breakfast from the Sidewalk Cafe, and head to Oceanfront Walk for a morning art show!  View photos below or click on the photo slideshow below! Photos by VenicePaparazzi

Artists include:

  • @Ailaone
  • @leonardo.pintor
  • @Rhose_one
  • @Tradeone
  • @onesaints
  • @Stpfoundation
  • Ucrew
  • Roten Digital
  • I2w Ska
  • Orc-Banc
  • @goshine
  • I2WC
  • @Justin_case512
  • Honor
  • Goshe
  • Reds WAI
  • Deedot
  • Digital
  • Roten
  • Cyber

Venice Boardwalk between Horizon and Windward Ave.

Art by @Ailaone

Venice Boardwalk between Windward and 17th Street

Art by @leonardo.pintor and @Rhose_one

Artists:  Trade and Saints the Mandalorian

Artist:  Trade

Artists:  Goshe, Reds WAI, Deedot, Kwite tribute by Digital and Roten, Cyber

Artist:  Cache did the chickens

Artists:  1st mural:  TRADEONE.  2nd mural:  Atlas did the cats and Frankyfingers did the owl

Venice Paparazzi’s Smithers enjoying the art walk!

Venice Paparazzi’s Smithers!

Art by Honor

Artist:  Rek2

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