Hey readers!  Alex here from VisitVeniceCA.com and the Venice Chamber of Commerce Tourism Board.  It’s hot out, and you need to stay hydrated!  Here is a quick list of 16 of the finest beverages available in Venice, and where to get them.

On the Waterfront Cafe– a flute of Erdinger Hefe-weizen is hard to beat.

Cabo Cantina– 32 oz. Patron Margarita, this one will set you straight

Cow’s End Cafe– Pineapple and Mango smoothie with coconut water.  Tasty!

Simmzy’s– An ice cold pint of everything they have!

Canal Club– Mint Mojito’s made with love

James Beach– Ice cold draft of locally made Dog Town Duck

Venice Beach Bar–  Ballast Point Sculpin on draft!  Tried and true awesomeness!

Hama Sushi– premium cold Sake, smooth and goes great with sushi.

Barlo–  The Persephone- Tequila, pomegranate and lime

Sunny Spot   Modern Times, City of the Sun IPA rules!

High-  A day at the Beach,  Vodka, cucumber and more.  Bangin’

Danny’s– Santa Monica XPA, local and awesome!

Sidewalk Cafe– the Mai Thai here is serious business.

Muscle Beach Juice Bar– Green Machine smoothie, yum!

Tony P’s Dockside Grill– Old Chub on draft, super smooth!

The Reel Inn– A pitcher of Lagunitas IPA is the jam up in Malibu.

Marina Bar and Grill– The margaritas here are rad!

Jody Maroni’s– How about an ice cold fountain drink to go with a gourmet sausage!


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