VENICE BOARDWALK HOURS:  Westside of the boardwalk shopping & performances start at 9:00 a.m.   Stores and shops on the east side of the boardwalk open between 10:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m., and usually close around sunset.  Tattoo shops stay open late.

VENICE BOARDWALK:  No bikes on the boardwalk. Keep your belongings with you.  People on the boardwalk are out to hustle for money.  If you watch a performers show and enjoy it, then drop a dollar in their bucket.  If someone walks up to you and hands you a CD and asks you your name and where you are from, they are going to write your name on the CD and demand money.  So, if you don’t want it, don’t take it in your hands.

The number one suggestion made by the Venice Police is to keep an eye on all of your belongings.


Dogs are not allowed on the Venice Beach Boardwalk between 11 a.m – 8 p.m on Sat, Sun and holidays between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  During the summer season, do not bring your dogs to Venice. It is cruel and against the law to leave you dog unattended in a car on a hot summer day. The Westminster Dog Park is located on Westminster and Pacific. (three blocks from the Venice Beach Boardwalk)


By law, there is no smoking on park grounds, the beach and anywhere west of the Venice Beach Boardwalk. These areas are smoke free zones.   By California law, there is no smoking in restaurants.  As of March 8, 2011, smoking will be prohibited in outdoor dining areas in the City of Los Angeles, including restaurant patios, cafes, food courts, and the public space surrounding food carts, food kiosks and mobile food trucks.

This new smoke-free outdoor dining law will protect patrons and workers from the dangerous health effects of breathing in secondhand smoke, and provide nonsmokers and those who are trying to quit with a smoke-free dining experience.

Remember to be carefully read all signs when parking your car in Venice.  Avoid parking where the curbs are painted red.   Red means no parking.  Pay attention to when your parking meter expires. The parking attendants are on it, and there is no negotiating your way out of a ticket once they start writing it up.  If you wish to park your car in an off-street parking lot, prices can vary from $5 to $7.  Try the street known as ‘Pacific’ (parallel to the beach) for parking lot options.

Throw your trash in the garbage bins or take it home with you. Please don’t litter! Keep our beaches clean.

BIKE PATH: No pedestrians on the bike path.

WEATHER: The weather in Venice is unpredictable. I would suggest that you bring a sweater. Otherwise expect to pay at least $20 for a sweater with the Venice logo on it. Venice T-shirts are normally 3 for $15, and sweatshirts as low as $19.99  and can be purchased a number of shops along the Venice Beach Boardwalk.



Beware of rip tides. (Strong flow of water near the shore).  This is what  you do if you are caught in a rip current!  Stay calm.  Do not try to swim against the current. Escape the current by swimming in a direction parallel to shore. When free of the current, swim at an angle – away from the current – toward shore.  If you are unable to escape by swimming, float or tread water. When the current weakens, swim at an angle away from the current toward shore.  If at any time you feel you will be unable to reach shore, draw attention to yourself; face the shore, call or wave for help.

Wear plenty of sunscreen.  Respect the surfers. Stay south of the red flag.  If you need more tips, ask a lifeguard before you go in the water.

Always be aware of surf conditions by reading the signs posted up by the lifeguards on their light blue watchtowers.  It is advisable not to swim or surf in the water for the three days following heavy rainfall due to storm water and other pollution. Professional lifeguards comprehensively patrol all beach areas. They begin patrolling from 8.00am til sunset (6.00pm) and in summer from 7.00am til sunset (around 8.30pm). For further information, call the Lifeguard Training Section on 310 939 7200.

No smoking and no animals are allowed around this area



Located on the corner of North Venice Boulevard and Venice Way. 501 S. Venice Boulevard Venice, CA 90291.

A Bank of America branch stands on Windward Ave between Pacific Ave and Windward Circle, on the north side of Windward Avenue.

There is a Chase Bank on Lincoln Blvd. and Palms.  There is a Wells Fargo on Washington Blvd. and Ocean.


  1. Windward Farms: This is a friendly local grocery store with just about everything you need. You can’t miss it on Windward Ave between Speedway and Pacific Ave. It offers a range of snacks, fruit and vegetables, canned and bottled foods and bottled, freshly squeezed health juices. Coconuts can be cut opened for you for just an extra fifty cents. 105 Windward Ave Venice, CA 90291
  2. Venice Farmers Market is open Fridays from 7am to 11pm. It is located on the corner of Venice Way and Venice Boulevard. There is a range of fresh, locally grown, mostly pesticide free and organic produce. The prices are very reasonable. Alex’s Fruits and Nuts has a great range of health snacks packed in convenient small bags. The pepitas and cranberry mix is unbelievably tasty. 501 Venice Boulevard. Venice, CA 90291. (310) 399-6690.
  3. Whole Foods Market. The nearest branch of the Whole Foods Market chain is on the corner of Lincoln Boulevard and Rose Avenue. It has a highly attractive layout and a very wide range of foods, many organic. The atmosphere is like the supermarket of the future, where you can delight in an ultramodern, ultrahealthy grocery shopping experience. A colourful palette of different buffet-style lunch options line up. Just pick what you like and pay according to a set price per weight per food type. 225 Lincoln Blvd at Rose Ave Venice, CA 90291 (310) 566-9480. 

Cafes with Internet:

  1. The Cow’s End on Washington Boulevard has an outdoor seating area, indoor area and upstairs area including a study/work lounge. 34 Washington Boulevard. Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-5124.   (310) 574-1080
  2. Surfside Venice, 23 Windward Ave. (424) 256-7894
  3. Café Collage on the corner of Windward Avenue and Pacific Avenue. Wifi internet is free here but there are no outlets to plug in your computer so charge it up before you go.   1518 Pacific Ave. Venice, CA 90291. 310.399.0632.


Phone cards: 

Available at the convenience stores located on Windward Ave between Speedway and Pacific Ave. Also, Muni’s Liquor store on the corner of Pacific and North Venice.

A small laundry is located at the intersection of  Venice and Lincoln Blvd.  Venice Coin Laundry.

Pharmacy : 
CVS Pharmacy on the corner of Main Street and Rose

Walgreen’s Pharmacy on Washington and Lincoln.

Rite Aid is on Lincoln and California.




Buses & bus maps: 
The central area in Venice from which many buses depart is on Windward Ave, on the beach side of Windward Circle and on the corner of Main Street and Venice Way, on the south side of Windward Circle. Windward Circle is the Turnaround located on Windward Ave, just south of Pacific Ave. If you are needing to use the buses frequently, it is recommended that you pick up the brochures that contain timetables and bus routes. They are available on all buses.

1) Big Blue Bus: A local bus service. A great way of getting clear overview maps of all of the big blue bus services, pick up the brochure on board entitled ‘System Map’. For the most convenience, go to Venice Library, buy yourself a pre-paid bus card, load an amount of credit that suits your needs and simply insert into the bus ticket machine as you board. Otherwise, you will need to prepare exact change fares. The ticket machines do not give change
2) Green Culver City Buses: A local bus service. You will need to provide exact change since the ticket machines do not give change.
3) Metro Buses: Buses that run from Venice to other ‘cities’ within Los Angeles. Detailed information and a trip planning service can be found Tap cards are pre-paid, re-usable metro bus cards. You can buy them online for $2.00 or at more than half of Metro’s pass outlets around the county.-

It is advised to ask the taxi driver for a mutually agreed fare price for the route you wish to take prior to boarding the vehicle. Always ensure the meter is running before the trip begins. Try United Independent Taxi company. Several vehicles are usually parked and at the ready on Windward Ave between Speedway and Pacific Ave. Their main telephone numbers are: 323 653 5050 and 800 822 TAXI.

Airport shuttle buses:
Primetime Shuttle: 1 800 RED VANS (1800 733 8267). Super Shuttle: 1800 BLUE VAN (1800 #####)