Filming & Photography Shoot Permit Information.   Venice Beach is an iconic landmark in the City of Los Angeles. From the sights and sounds to the eclectic atmosphere there isn’t a better place to film. Are you interested in filming or having a photo shoot at Venice Beach Recreation Center? If so, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Contact the Department’s Park Film Office at 323-644-6220 to reserve a date and specific location.
  2. Contact Film LA Inc. at 213-977-8600 for a film or photo shoot permit.
  3. Once the date is reserved, please contact the Venice Beach Recreation Center office at 310-396-6764 for rates, fees, and on site location availability.
  4. Payment for filming on Venice Beach park grounds must be made 48 hours prior to the production or photo shoot date. Filming is permitted Monday to Friday only, no weekends or holidays.
  5. The Venice Beach Recreation Center office does not issue film or photo shoot permits for the Venice Beach Boardwalk, Venice Pier or the sand portion of the beach. If you are interested in filming or a photo shoot on the Venice Beach Boardwalk or Pier, please call the Park Film Office at 323-644-6220. For Filming on the sand portions of the beach, call Film LA at 213-977-8600.


1.  The Venice Sign  – The sign is a federally registered trademark of the Venice Chamber of Commerce. To include the VENICE Sign in any form of published media please call (310) 822-5425, email or complete an intake form.    Note:  Visitors are invited to photograph the sign for their personal use and enjoyment. For more info, visit


2.  Abbot Kinney Blvd. –  Tiffany Peterson  at  For more info, visit


3. The Beach – The Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors requires that any persons engaged in the business or activity of filming, video taping or otherwise producing motion pictures or still photography for television or public exhibition at any place, must obtain a Film Permit.  Film Permits are required in Marina del Rey, the Los Angeles County beaches, and for County parking lot use for commercial film, video or still photography shoots.

Dept. Of Beach & Harbors 310-305-9503 (Permits)
310-305-9549 (Filming)


4. Venice Beach Boardwalk and Recreation and Parks’ Facility Use Permit Reservation Information at 323-644-6220

Are you interested in hosting an event at Venice Beach Recreation Center? Venice Beach plays host to an average of 28,000 to 30,000 visitors a day or approximately eleven (11) million visitors per year. It is an ideal place to host everything from concerts and festivals to corporate events. Listed below is a step by step process to obtain a Facility Use Permit for Venice Beach Recreation Center:


  1. Choose a Location  — Muscle Beach Venice Gym and/or Stage Area, Paddle Tennis Courts, Gymnastic Area, Handball Courts, Basketball Courts, Windward Plaza, Graffiti Walls and Skate Plaza
  2. Choose a Date — Some dates may not be available due to an already approved permitted event, so please have two or three alternative dates ready. Not all events are automatically approved for dates requested. No permits will be issued for dates that fall on major holiday weekends.
  3. Submit a Proposal — Proposals should be complete and include a plot plan for the space requested as well as a complete description of what the event is and what it will include.
  4. When approved, Complete and Submit Application for Facility Use Permit
    1. Pay Permit Fees a minimum of 15 Business Days prior to your event.
    2. A refundable security deposit will be required. Deposit amount is based on size  and scope of event.
    3. The City requires a minimum one (1) million dollar liability insurance policy for all permitted events. Some permitted events require additional insurance coverage requirements.


5.  All Film Permits are processed through Film L.A. Inc.  FilmL.A. provides expert, centralized coordination of Film Permits and acts as a liaison to the Department of Beaches and Harbors Permit Section for filming in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles County beaches and use of County parking lots.  Click here for more info!

Film L.A. Inc.
1201 W. 5th Street, Suite T-800, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Telephone: (213) 977-8600


EIDC (Entertainment Industry Development Corporation) at 323-957-1000